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Details :

  • Catalysts - Cobalt and potassium based metal carboxylate are used as catalysts in the unsaturated polyester resin sector, whereas copper based carboxylates are used as gel-retarder inhibitors. Ege Kimya is one of the important manufacturers in the world, especially in the field of cobalt based accelerators.
  • EGECat® Cobalt Octoate - Preventer of gel time drift for UPR applications. Accelerator for unsaturated polyester resin applications.
  • EGECat® Cobalt Neodecanote - The water solubility of cobalt neodecanoate is lower than cobalt octoate. And this product is recommended during transition period of REACh.
  • EGECat® Prime - Accelerator for UPR applications. Performance equivalently to a classical cobalt catalyst with added benefits of low toxicity and hazards. This product comes in a polymeric form, hence is exempt from REACh registration. According to CLP Regulation, polymers with no hazards do not have to be declared on product labels.
  • EGECat® Potassium Octoate - Used to adjust gel time and cure time, works as a catalyst to increase the rate of polymerization reaction of UPR. It is also trimerisation catalyst for PU and PIR.
  • EGECat® Copper Octoate - Helps to adjust gel time and cure time parameters in UPR production and affects shelf life positively.
  • EGECat® Bismuth Octoate - Environment friendly gelation catalyst for polyurethanes.
  • EGECat® E2269 and EGECat® E239 - General purpose catalyst in PU rigid systems. This catalyst is a solution of potassium-octoate in diethylene glycol. It promotes the isocyanurate reaction and is used in a wide range of rigid foam applications. This is also known as Isocyanate trimerization catalyst. This is also capable of stabilizing the rheological and the pot life behavior of waterborne 2-components PUR and PIR systems.The approximate dosage is 0.2 - 1.0 %, relative to total formulation.
  • EGECat® Bizmut-S - Selective Urethane Gelling Catalyst for polyurethane systems. It Accelerates The Reaction Rate and causes Rapid Gelling. This catalyst is a bismuth based carboxylate that can be used as a cocatalyst with a tertiary amine to accelerate the urethane reaction and cure. It is an alternative to tin-based and mercury based catalysts in flexible slab stock, high-density flexible foams, spray, microcellular, CASE and rigid foam systems. This catalyst is not classified as toxic (Used Ýn Cosmetics And Pharmaceuticals), it is More Selective Than Tin And Provides Better Mechanical Properties. It causes a Gradual Increase Of The Viscosity (No Induction Period Of Low Viscosity As Mercury).
  • EGECat® Zinc-S - This catalyst is an accelerator for the chemical reaction between polyol and isocyanate component in polyurethane coating systems, allowing optimal control of the drying properties, both during forced-drying and curing at room temperature. Some properties of this catalyst are, Long Reaction Time, Not A Selective Catalyst, Cross-Linking Catalyst: Modification Of The Final Network, Affords Tack-Free Surfaces, Eliminates Substantially The Tackiness, Synergistic Activity With Bismuth Catalysts. Moreover improves solvent resistance, increases film hardness and allows earlier sanding of the coating. This can be used as a replacement for dibutyl tin dilaurate (DBTL), in many cases yielding better properties than DBTL catalyzed systems. Use of this product often provides a prolonged pot life at comparable drying times. Recommended addition rate is between 0.01 and 0.04 % by weight, calculated on total solid binder.
  • EGECat® Zirkon-S - This catalyst has high selectivity and shows less gassing/foaming, longer pot life and higher gloss than dibutyl tin dilaurate. Synergistic with Zinc And Bismuth based catalysts and it is supports NCO/OH Reactions.
  • EGECat® 8-S - Bi / Zn mixed catalyst. High selectivity for NCO/OH reaction. A good balance between efficient cross-linking, tack-free surface, less gas bubles, fewer pin-holes, higher gloss and longer pot life. It can be used for replacement of DBTL and Mercury Catalysts.


Purity 100%
Usage Multi Purpose
Form Powder & Liquid
Packaging As per client requirement